Herbs and vegetables: what's in season.....

Summertime is knocking at the door even if the weather is still uncertain and cloudy I am ready to cook and prepare all vegetables that are in season!
Always kreeping simple because this is the secret o italian cuisine here many good idea how to prepare Broad Beans-Zucchini-Fennel-Peas- Asparagus and more and more.

Broad beans or Fava, Beans are the hardiest of all beans. They are also one of the most pronounced flavour. Native from Africa and South West Asia arrived in Europe as lentils and chickpeas maybe already eaten 6.000 years BC.
Sow in a grid with each seed 25cm from the next. Select a spot that is sheltered from strong winds.
Pick the pods when the beans have swollen inside, and eat them immediately, or frozen.......

Broad beans pureè
6tb of extra virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
1 little red onion finelly chopped
500 gr Broad beans
Pinch of dried oregano
2 medium potatoes
salt black pepper
fresh mint or basil
2 cups of water

Into a little pan pour the oil with garlic and onion. Add broad beans, 2 medium potatoes in cubes. Add water and boil for 20 minutes.
Mash the broad beans with a blender adding mint or basil, oregano, salt and black pepper.
Serve immediately, with crusty bread if desired sprinkle extra oil on top!
This pateè can be used also for dressing your pasta!


Anonymous said…
This is simply amazing! I am going to our grocery store and get few broad beans for making puree.
Are you sure about adding mint?
Can I use parsley or even cumin?
Anonymous said…
velia quando vedi vissani digli che non si perdesse a fare pubblicità a padelle acque ed affini ;))) non è da grande chef
Anonymous said…
take it easy, Dear,
an easy recipe full of Italian's flavour.
Nice one!
Velia said…
@Marco: Ma che centra Vissani. Il nostro Gianfrancone è un personaggio e può fare quello che vuole....pubblicità persino alle scarpe ( Scarpe Diem)!!

@SMT...You are the best!!!

@Carol: you can use whatever you like....please just don't mix too much...keep simple
Anonymous said…
Wow...keep simple! How do you know the american way of cooking?
I am waiting extra recipes so go ahead
Velia said…
No worry I will do it sooner....so stay tuned and try to learn italian so in this way you can read also in Italian...
Just kidding
Anonymous said…
Wonderful. I have just tried the sauce with dried fava beans and the result has been amazing. My husband wants to come again and get another cooking class. Crazy??? yes we are..
Thank you so much Velia..we will be back sooner
Velia said…
Dear Lynn,
thank you so much. I gave you a little suggestion and you did the rest....next year you will be back!
So tell to your husband that I am getting ready to spend another unforgettable day with all your family. When you have time try to reach me on info@veliascookingstyle.com

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