Home made pasta with pumpkin, shrimps and rucola

Ingredients for 4 pax

500 gr (17.5 oz.) of fresh pasta as noodles, scialatielli or even gnocchi
5/6 tbs of extravirgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
150 gr (5 oz.) of pumkin
200 gr (7 oz.)of fresh shrimps
1 bunch of rocket/arucola
salt q.b

Pour the oil into a pan with a clove of garlic and cook for five minutes till the garlic becomes blonde, add the pumpkin finally chopped, fresh shrimps and a bit of salt, bit of chilly peppers and fresh parsley.
Cook for 5/7 minutes adding at last rucola well chopped.
Keep mixing for 1 minute and your sauce is ready
Boil the pasta as previusly described and pur the pasta into a the pan with the pumpkin and shrimps sauce keep mixing on the flame for few minutes adding extra rucola.......


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