The greatest treasures of a clay factory of Luigi Bernasconi

Just traveling during last week I have found out a factory that works and modeling red clay. The Fornace Bernasconi is located in the little town of Castel Viscardo on the hilltop where is possible to admire the entire valley of Paglia's river and the tufaceus hill of Orvieto.

The founder was Marcello Bernasconi that with his son Luigi is keeping the tradition handed down for two generations. Now Luigi with Doriana ( wife) & Silvia ( luigi's sister) make fine wall decor and ornaments made of high fire stoneware clay. They modeling also kind cross stitch pieces incorporating antique quilt pieces The greatest treasures are personalized gifts and keepsakes, given straight from the heart and hand made with love.
Luigi's passion is directed to the ecological materials used during the modeling and particularly during the cooking into their big fire place.

I have learned the value of having many skills that interconnect cusine and art.
I love to take my friends all to design challenges, and instruct others on how to access their own artistic and perceptive abilities in the kitchen and why not into a factory???

So talking to Luigi Bernasconi, the owner, I knew that this Clay Factory on request lets anyone create loving personalized keepsake gifts that last a lifetime, keeping precious moments and memories if you would like to spend a day tasting great wines and watch how to make your personalized brick ( in the wall??)just contact:


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