Faraona della Franca

This is one of my favorite dishes well prepared by my mother-in-law Franca so I could not wait to share this wonderful recipe with all my friends.

Ragout of guinea-fowl as "Franca Cooking way"

Ingredients for 4/6 pax

1 Guinea Fowl well cleaned and without interiors
1 cup of wine
2tbs of lemon juice
8 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
1 fresh parsley
1 fresh Rosemary
1 fresh sage
1 clove of garlic
1 medium onion
1 carrot
1 celery
15 gr (1/2 oz.)of capers
400 gr (14 oz.) of champignon mushrooms
salt and black pepper

Using the processor try to work not to much finally all these herbs adding oil, lemon juice, wine
Coat the Guinea fowl ( cutted in different pieces )with all these ingredients adding capers at the end.
Leave it in the fridge to marinate for 4 hours or if you like even the night before.
The Guinea-fowl meat is really tender and absorbes these flavours very easily.
When the Guinea is marinated put it into a large pan with a bit of oil and cook at medium flame for one hour adding a bit of wine and water if required.
Apart cook the Champignon mushrooms with a bit of oil, chopped garlic and salt and they will be ready in 5 minutes when the their water will evaporate toss your champignon mushrooms on the pan with Guinea and mix everything for 5 minutes.


Leo said…
Ma, dico, perché non l'hai messa 6 o 7 mesi fa??? In suddafrica di faraone ne vedevo a bizzeffe.... Avevo la tentazione di comprare una fionda e qualche bilia d'acciaio, ma poi, mi dicevo, come le preparo, una volta spennate e sbuzzate, che non ne ho idea??? Mi scappi fuori adesso con la ricetta della faraona della guinea.... Mah!

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