Too cold outside? Enjoy a wonderful chocolate cake...

Chocolate almonds cake
Ingredients for 8 to 10 pax

200 gr (7 oz.) of butter
150 gr (5 oz.) of sugar
5 eggs yolks egg whites separated
200 gr (7 oz.) of almonds with skin and finely chopped
Vanilla or orange peel
300 gr (10.5 oz.)of Plain chocolate by 45%
30 gr (1 oz.) of potato flour/fecola
8 gr (1/4 oz.)of baking powder
1TBS of rum or cognac
Baking tray well coated with butter first and then flour 00…in this way the cake does not stick at all

Put the chocolate to melt in double boiling and in the mein time put the butter at room temperature in a processor machine with sugar whipping very well until becomes as a cream. Add the eggs yolks ( white must be separate) and keep whipping for few minutes: slowly slowly add the almonds finely chopped and a bit of vanilla beans and orange peel.
Add the chocolate and keep mixing for few minutes, add baking powder and potato flour or corn flour/Starch/ liqueur as you like

Apart beat very well the white eggs and when are well whipped add with rest of the mixture but at this time you can't use anymore the processor machine but using a wood spoon going up and down to incorporate the white eggs.
Now you can pour the cake into a bakepan of 25 cm (10 inches) of diameter with boards of 3 cm.(1inch) and bake everything at 180° (350°F) for 45 minutes.
Otherwise If you like a different shape you can bake it in different cups always well coated first with butter and then flour or simply using silicon cups so you don't need extra fats.
This cake can be served also with ice cream at the side.


sergio maaria said…
velia dolce,
cambiato i colori del blog?
che bello!
Sergio Maria
Velia said…
ma dai ogni tanto ci vuole.....una nuova sferzata di energia!

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