Tiramisu "Peralone Style"

This is a recipe dedicated to our friend Massimo Perali well know by most of the people like "Peralone" especially for his tall.
Massimo loves so much the tiramisu that he was asking to me to make it using more mascarpone cheese and add some cream....
The result is simply amazing....here the recipe!

Ingredients for 8 pax
500 gr (17.5 oz.) mascarpone cheese
2 cups of espresso coffee
gr 100 sugar
2 eggs yolks
3 white eggs
200 ml of cream
Bitter cacao powder

100 gr (10.5 oz.) Pavesini or Savoiardi biscuits (in case you will use savoiardi you have to prepare more coffee beacause they will absorbe more liquid)

Mix mascarpone adding 2 eggs yolks and 50 gr of Sugar and apart whip up the white eggs with a Tsp of sugar
Into another bowl whip up the cream with a tbs of sugar and leave it in the fridge.
Slowly slowly mix your mascarpone cream with the white eggs adding the cream just at the end......remember mixing up and down with your spatula in order to keep air in the mixture.

You can use a tray covering the bottom with biscuits wet with coffee: remember to deep savoiardo or pavesino in good coffee before lay down in the tray.
So the first layer of biscuits with mascarpone mixture and chocolate powder on top and tiramisù must be kept in the fridge min 4 hours or in the freezer if you need to prepare it few days in advance….you can serve it with chocolate topping or extra chocolate powder.

So for all our friends "Peralone" means also a way to measure Mascarpone Cheese in your tiramisù....4 full fingers of mascarpone... not in horizontal but in vertical.... gnam gnam


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