Saturday, May 19, 2007

Recipe of the day.......enjoy your cooking

Filled Calamari with bread, cherry tomatoes and olives
Ingredients for 4 pax

10 small calamari baby squid/ or 5 squids
8 TBS of extra virgin olive oil
150 gr (5 oz.)cherry tomatoes
4 slices of bread
50 gr (1.75 oz.)parmesan cheese
Fresh parsley
1 TBS of white wine
8 green olives without bones or capers
8 black olives without bones
1 clove of garlic
red chilly or black pepper

Cut the squids tentacles and 1 or 2 squids in julienne and cook into a frying pan with garlic and fresh parsley, add 1TBS of white wine.
When the tentacles and squids are cooked try to add bread crumb, 1 egg, parmesan cheese, 10 cherry tomatoes ( without seeds and their internal water), chopped olives, salt black pepper, fresh parsley and salt.
If you like you can use the processor machine but this filling must be no too thin and you have to be able to eat all these ingredients recognize them in little pieces…it is more tasty!
Filling your squids with this mixture then pour extra virgin olive oil into a pan and when the garlic is blonde add your filled squid, with the remaining cherry tomatoes, salt and chopped parsley.
Cook on medium flame for ten minutes more adding water or wine at your pleasure.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hidden treasures of Italy with Mariella & Rick Ray

During my period on the Amalfi Coast I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Hidden Treasures of Italy and meet personally the owners, Mariella & Rick Ray.
Hidden Treasures of Italy prides itself on its highly personalized and customized service, offering tailored itinerary & suggestions.
Hidden Treasure was founded in Chicago and Rome and now in Milan so in this way they can follow clients' travel plans very closely from the very beginning of their working relationship, all the way through their actual stays in Italy.
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Donna Jill Witty - Painting and Cooking in Tuscany & Umbria

September 27 - October 4, 2008
Our own Private Villa -7 Days and 7 Nights in the Breathtakingly Beautiful Conte Pompeo located just north of Orvieto near Allerona in Umbria. We are offering an all-inclusive program filled with travel to picturesque villages and towns - Fabulous food - Vineyards & Wine Estates - Our own private transportation - Our own Tour Guide - Cooking Lessons with chef Velia de Angelis - Daily Painting on location - and dining slow in some of the best Umbrian restaurants, where the Slow Food Movement truly originated!
This program is being offered by Hidden Treasures of Italy:

More info about the wonderful artist Donna Jill Witty

Umbrian Wines & Extravirgin Olive Oil

Umbrian wines have earned themselves a position of respect both on the national and international scene. Everyone is familiar with wines such as Sagrantino di Montefalco, Rubesco, Grechetto, Orvieto Classico.Wine has been made at Orvieto since extremely remote times. The first inhabitants on the site, the Etruscans, understood that the special makeup of the tufaceous soil that is characteristic of the district was extremely favorable to the production of wine and the excavation of cellars where it could be preserved at length.
Orvieto is famous worldwide for its wine. It is white and dry and it's called Orvieto Classico.
It is produced from grapes of the Procanico, Verdello, Malvasia, Grechetto and Drupeggio varieties.
This wine is the result of rigorous selection of the most prized grapes combined with modern technology, and it is outstanding on account of its delicate, light bouquet, and its light but mellow flavor with a pleasantly bitter after taste.Since the 1997, Umbria attained qualification as DOP (protected origin denomination) "Umbria" for its extra virgin olive oil.
Umbrian olive oil should not forget that, although olives are pressed cold, the oil produced in all these is substantially a mixture of oils combined from different kinds of species of olives such as moraiolo, frantoio, leccino, San Felice, pendolino and agocia. Cooking in Umbria is varied, meat, fish, cereals, spices and herbs are equally important and combined with an enviable equilibrium so it does not seem right to define this cooking as poor, maybe we can define our cooking essential as better description and we are proud to be far from any kind of food sophistication.This is the land of the ancient Etruscans, and studied of frescoes in the ancient tombs show that the locals eat in a manner very similar to that of their ancestors.
Our Green and Wise Region awaits Your Arrival.