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Filled Calamari with bread, cherry tomatoes and olives
Ingredients for 4 pax

10 small calamari baby squid/ or 5 squids
8 TBS of extra virgin olive oil
150 gr (5 oz.)cherry tomatoes
4 slices of bread
50 gr (1.75 oz.)parmesan cheese
Fresh parsley
1 TBS of white wine
8 green olives without bones or capers
8 black olives without bones
1 clove of garlic
red chilly or black pepper

Cut the squids tentacles and 1 or 2 squids in julienne and cook into a frying pan with garlic and fresh parsley, add 1TBS of white wine.
When the tentacles and squids are cooked try to add bread crumb, 1 egg, parmesan cheese, 10 cherry tomatoes ( without seeds and their internal water), chopped olives, salt black pepper, fresh parsley and salt.
If you like you can use the processor machine but this filling must be no too thin and you have to be able to eat all these ingredients recognize them in little pieces…it is more tasty!
Filling your squids with this mixture then pour extra virgin olive oil into a pan and when the garlic is blonde add your filled squid, with the remaining cherry tomatoes, salt and chopped parsley.
Cook on medium flame for ten minutes more adding water or wine at your pleasure.


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