Hidden treasures of Italy with Mariella & Rick Ray

During my period on the Amalfi Coast I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Hidden Treasures of Italy and meet personally the owners, Mariella & Rick Ray.
Hidden Treasures of Italy prides itself on its highly personalized and customized service, offering tailored itinerary & suggestions.
Hidden Treasure was founded in Chicago and Rome and now in Milan so in this way they can follow clients' travel plans very closely from the very beginning of their working relationship, all the way through their actual stays in Italy.
For more info please visit www.htitaly.com


roberta curiel said…
Hidden Treasures doesn't pay professional guide swrvices, car and minivan transfers all over ITaly !
Keep away from this company, they are getting into a finacial disster...!

Walks inside Italy
Anonymous said…
Hidden Treasures of Italy doesn't pay hotels either... keep away if you don't want to pay twice!

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