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Suzanne Monroe, founder of Real Life Food, began her own journey toward better health while working in a high-pressure corporate atmosphere. She worked long hours and late nights, and started developing enormous sugar cravings. She suspected that her cravings might be less about the power of Peanut M&M's and more about the stress and speed of her life. That suspicion was confirmed after living several years in Spain and absorbing the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle. Then, as a pharmaceutical sales rep back in the states, Suzanne's belief that there was much more to health than popping pills grew even stronger. When she learned how to apply the unique, holistic approach that she uses with clients to her own life, she easily overcame sugar cravings, significantly reduced stress and discovered abundant energy. She also found a career she loved! She is passionate about guiding her clients on their own journey to health, inspiring them to make the positive, lasting changes that can transform lives.

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Suzanne said…
Cooking with Velia is an amazing experience. She combines traditional Italian cooking with the healthiest of foods and preparation techniques. It makes you realize how fun, simple, delicious and nourishing food can be. As a food coach, I support people to find balance and awareness in food and life. When I think of Velia's Cooking Style, it is a jumpstart into living and eating in a way that works with you for a lifetime, providing that balance we are all seeking when it comes to food. Thank you Velia for teaching us the best Italian cooking!!
velia said…
Dear Suzanne,
let me tell you that Velia's Cooking Style is always has been supported by you and David and thank to the Healthy Living Tours and Real Life Food is growing day by day. Many thanks....with Love xxx Velia

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