Apple Cake with Raisins

Ingredients for 8 pax

150 gr (5oz.) butter
150 gr (5 oz.) sugar
3 eggs yolks (white eggs separate)
230 gr (8 oz.) of flour 00
70 gr (2.5 oz.)potato flour
4 TBS rum
25 gr (9 oz.) of raisins
16 gr (1/2 oz.) of baking powder
3 apples sliced
1 lemon juice
1/2 glass of milk
vanilla beans

Peel the apples and cut in slices adding on top lemon juice and sugar to marinate while we are preparing the mixture.
Then we need to put raising into a cup with hot water and rum and keep it there for ten minutes maximun.

In the same time we can put butter and sugar into a processor machine, then we add eggs yolks and when all these ingredients are well incorporated we can add flour, rum and milk and then potato flour and baking powder.
At last add white eggs well whipped with a bit of salt and use a wood spoon for going up and down to incorporate the white eggs.
Put the mixture into a baking tray (already coated with butter and flour), put the raisins at the top, and sliced apples starting from the board to the centre of the cake.

Bake in the oven for 45/50 minutes at 180°C (350°F)


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