The OIL MILL CECCI in Monterubiaglio

I am very proud to be part of this wonderful family. Monterubiaglio is a small village but rich of things to be discovered step by step. The local Oil Mill Cecci is one of my favorite place to taste and eat the local cuisine. Actually we can just call and book a nice table in front of ther huge fireplace ( preferably during winter time) and eat with their whole family. You can really feel home!

The Oil Mill Cecci is part of an old farmhouse dating to the first half of the 19th century.
The millstones places outside, bearing the date "1854", bear witness to the fact that this structure has always been used to produce oil.
The Cecci Family purchased the farmhouse in 1966 and since then various changes have been made to upgrade the product.
The oil is extracting using the traditional system and the olives are ground under pressure.
The oldest system is the olive press which is know as "tradiotional oil mill" or "discontinuos oil mill" since the various processes of crushing, mixing the pasta, separation of the oily must from the sansa by means of an olive press and the separation of the oil from the vegetable water by centrifuging or natural surfacing, are discontinuos.

La Fattoria del Conte
Extra virgin Olive oil produced from selected olives crushed by millstone and cold-pressed.
This oil is not filtered

La Madonnina
Extra virgin OIive oil obtained from selected olives using the dripping system to keep the fragrance of the fruit. Bottled without filtering


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