Made in Italy? It really isn't.....

This is an article written by Maria Sanminiatelly on "The Time -Union" Jacksonville

"Imagine a delicious dinner of pasta with meat sauce and grated parmesan cheese.
Add a salad of fresh mozzarella and roman tomatoes sprinkled with Tusxcan Oilive oil and balsamic vinegar....but there is a catch: none of this food was actually made in Italy.
Foods that look or sound italian but are produced elesewhere amount to $ 66 billion in annula sales - nearly half the £135,5 billion whort of real italian food that is sold worldwide in a year, says Coldiretti, Italy's farmers Association"

Unfortunately this is real. If you are in Shangai/China in a supermarket you can be able
to buy Balsamic Vinegar from Modena with the italian label but is made in Germany.
The real Italian Balsamic Vinegar is produced in the small northern italian city of Modena which is also home to automaker Ferrari.
And the most finest Balsamic Vinegar it's expensive and a bottle can cost you even 100 Euros.
The top buyers of fake italian food are in Australia and United States, where a mere 2 % ot italian cheese are truly made in Italy.

Authentic parmesan cheese called "Parmigiano Reggiano" is produced just always around the northern town of Parma ( that's why Parma/Parmigiano).
It uses unpasteurized milk with no additives and the cows are fed specific fodder.
Probably most American buyers don't care whether the cheese was made in Parma.
They don't even know where Parma is...they could not find it even on a map.

Part of the problem is geographic trademarks which are not protected in most countries outside Europe, includind US with the only exceptions being wine and spirits. So anyone can use the name parmesan, which in the Us is considered generic.


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