Veal escalope in balsamic vinegar sauce with rucola and shaves of parmesan cheese

Ingredients for 4 pax

4 veal escalopes of 120 gr (4 oz.) each
150 gr (5 oz.) of flour 00
8tbs extra virgin olive oil
20 gr (1/2 oz.) of butter
4 tbs of balsamic vinegar
1 little cup of water
1 bounch of fresh rocket/rucola
shaved parmesan cheese at your pleasure
salt q.b

Clean and wash the rucola preparing a large plate with rucola and shaved parmesan cheese all around: if you like you can add on the bottom also a mixed salad and cherry tomatoes at the side. Put the oil into a large frying pan and heat for few minutes: when the oil is boiling coat meat in the flour with flour and add escalopes in the oil.
Add salt: very careful because coating meat with flour requires always lot of oil so before they are absorving too much oil add the butter, water and balsamic vinegar. The balsamic vinegar sauce is getting thiker in few minutes while the water evaporates.Put your escalope on your rucola plate and the sauce on top of it.
Add extra parmesan cheese on top at your pleasure.


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