The Italian Wedding Event

The Italian Wedding Event is a company brought to life with the skills, passion, and determination to assist, organize, and materialize the perfect wedding. The identity and structure of this service has been created by Ms. Federica Nascimben, a native Italian. She was born in Treviso, a pleasant town few minutes from Venice. She received her college Master's Degree from the University of Venice in Foreign Languages and Cultural Events with a specialization in Tourism and Art. She then completed her extensive PhD diploma in Organizations and Events Management with honors. Before she entered the personal Wedding Planner profession, she has been working as Event Coordinator for some of the major American companies, such as for the Warner Bros. in Milan. Federica's success in wedding planning is attributed to her intense education through the very competitive Italian education system. Her contribution to the popularity of Italian weddings in due to many additional factors : firstly she has had many experiences abroad traveling extensively throughout Europe, England, and the United States. This has lead to her knowledge in international marketing, cultures, and foreign languages. Federica speaks fluent Italian, English, Spanish, and German. Her experience as wedding planner started in the Amalfi Coast where she lived for 3 years. Then her continuation of coordinating as a wedding planner came full circle through personal consulting and employment with American and English wedding planning agencies. She found restrictions in these agencies, though, due to their limited actual knowledge of Italy, it's people, and the locations. That is the reason why she decided to form her own wedding planning business- The Italian Wedding Events! It is her goal and desire to bring true Italian culture, locations, cuisine, and all the beauty and intrigue that Italy possesses to those interested in planning a glorious event in her native country. The Italian Wedding Event boosts the ability to serve the largest area of Italy and has the most dynamic list of locations and services. Federica is also a contemporary dancer and pilates instructor, this artistic background has contributed to bring elegance and creativity to her weddings!
Federica Nascimben (+39) 338 7365269


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