Fresh eggs pasta dough

Ingredients for 4/6 pax
8 whole eggs
1 kg (2.2 pounds) plain Flour 00

Mound flour on surface adding in the middle the eggs.
Work the eggs with a fork adding slowly slowly the flour around them.
With fingertips gradually work the flour and eggs to a form dough adding more flour if sticky.

Scrape dough from work surface and form into ball: on floured surface, knead dough until will be elastic and smooth.

I always used a traditional rolling pin to roll pasta dough by hands but if you can use also a machine rool.
A pasta machine gradually kneads the dough as it is rolled but you will obtain a flat pasta this is the reason why I prefer my beloved rolling pin.

Anyway divide dough in 4 or 5 pieces and sprinkle surface with flour to prevent they stick each other. Fold strip into third or quarters to form square: feed through the machine again.
Repeat folding and rolling seven to ten times until dought is smooth.

Feed dought through machine again and continue rolling, tightening rollers one notch at a time, and ending with narrowest setting. Dust with flour if dough becomes sticky.
Repeat the same with the remaining pieces. When the pasta dough has been rolled out as thinly as possible leave the pasta to dry on a work surface helped by semolino flour before cutting into the desired shapes.

You can use the same pasta for making ravioli but you cannot dry the pasta otherwise when it acquires a leathery look it's not possible anymore to close the ravioli.


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