Paccheri di Gragnano with White Ragu and Dried Tomatoes

Ingredients for 4 pax

500 gr (17.5 oz.) of Paccheri/hard wheat pasta by Gerardo Di Nola
1 medium size onion, 1 carot, 1 celery
300 gr (10.5 oz) of minced meat/pork or veal
6 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
25 to 30 gr (9-10 oz.) of dried tomatoes
salt q.b
fresh parsley and parmesan cheese

Put the oil into a pan with chopped onion, carot and celery.
Cook for 4/5 minutes at medium flame and when the onion is caramelized and well cooked add minced meat and dried tomatoes finally chopped.
Cook for 15/20 minutes adding salt and a splash of white wine.
Apart prepare a large pan of boiling water always with salt and cook the Paccheri in 10/12 minutes. Drain the pasta and pour it into the pan with rag├╣ mixing on the range at medium flame with parmesan cheese and fresh parsley


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