The Perfect Ingredients

Glenn & Karen Marcus, owners of Marcus Travel, were planning a Group Tour to run a cooking class with Velia. They canceled the tour as not enough people signed but Velia invited them to join her family offering her house in Monterubiaglio, located just outside of Orvieto.

Velia shown to Glenn how to make biscuits and fresh pasta and at the end they got ready for dinner.

Velia's boyfriend, Gianluca, who has just opened up a Champagne Bar in Orvieto, arrived right in time for dinner.

Karen is a wonderful painter, a great photographer and a superb writer and Glenn is the master in commander of everything....they loved Champagne and good food!!!!
Outside there were fireworks for the village's feast let's toast wishing each other lot of fortune and success!
Here the perfect ingredients for cooking, drinking and having fun!!!


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