In the heart of Italy, in Umbria, along the Sun's highway, between Orvieto and Florence, lays down the side of a beautiful hill, 385mt.on the sea level, Monterubiaglio, one of the rural districts of Castelviscardo, in the province of Terni.

Even if the area has been already populated by Etruscans and Romans many centuries before Christ, the first human settlement of Monterubiaglio goes back to the medioeval period, in the XIII century.

The village has been extended around an ancient donjon made by a community of benedictine friars and then became the mighty mass of a castle used as a private residence by Monaldeschi Della Cervara, noble families from Orvieto, at the same time when Ranieri della Greca family enfeoffed the city and the territory of Orvieto. In fact Ippolito della Greca, son of Orvieto's Lord, got married Antonia della Cervara, daughter of Monterubiaglio's Lord.

From that union was born Nicoletta that, when she was of age, got married a member of Monaldeschi's family that governed the feud for the next two centuries.

Some troops from Monterubiaglio took part of Lepanto's battle against turkish fleet on 1571.
Finally, on 1860 Monterubiaglio was included in the new italian kingdom united by the constitutional monarchy of Savoia.

On 5th january the Good Old Women (la Vecchierella), escorted by a group of local singers, offers children, sick patients and old people as a
gift sweets and pastries .
During August "Alla ricerca del piatto perduto". Wine and Food Festival where locals are preparing food according to the old and traditional recipes of the Village.Dinner in the mainsquare with wine and food tasting fully immersed into the typical and characteristic italian country music.

The Church has been completely restaured thanks to the
architects Domenico and Carlo Fontana's plan on 1716. Unfortunately, during the second warld war was heavily bombed and then it had to be built back.
The Castle is a good exemple of a latemedioeval architecture. It has a quadrangular plan with four towers without battlement.

The territory of Castelviscardo consists of five rural districts:
Pianolungo, Le Prese, Monterubiaglio and Viceno.
REGION:Umbria Inhabitants: 3.046 (M.:1.448; F.:1.598) Housing
units: 1.533
PROVINCE:Terni Density (per sqare km): 116
Population name: Castellesi (from Castelviscardo)
ZONE: Central Italy Number of families :1.183
Monterubiagliesi (from Monterubiaglio) PHONE PREFIX: (+39) 0763


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