Pasta Brioche

Ingredients for a cake for 12 to 15 persons

1 kg (2.2 lbs) of american flour 0/ manitoba
250 gr (9 oz.)of sugar
200 gr (7 oz.)of butter
50 gr (1.75 oz) of fresh yeast
20 gr (1/2 oz.)of salt
350 gr (12 oz.) of milk
4 whole eggs
1 steak of vanilla beans

Melt butter in double boiling adding sugar and salt, when is little bit cooler put fresh yeast and milk.
Using a processor machine add this mixture to eggs and flour and vanilla. Put the dough into a large baking tray ( boards must be 6/7cm (2 inches) diameter 30/35 cm(12-14 inches) to raise for 5 hours.
Then using the same baking tray bake the cake at 180° (350°F) for 45 minutes.

If you like just add raisins and chocolate or pinuts and nuts in the food processor and you will have a great pan brioche for breakfast.


Anonymous said…
Finally I am able to make brioches....thank you Velia.

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